The Important thing is

to NOT STOP questioning

Albert Einstein

Who we are and
Our History

Our solid team consists of passionate thinkers and makers with different backgrounds like science, technology, and creative, yet with the same burning spirit to help young people pushing through the boundaries of scientific exploration.

Since 2015, we have been excitingly embracing parents, schools, the government, and other parties needed to boost interest and usage of science. Science can contribute big in life, as long as we believe in collaborating and creativity in order to fulfill it.


Our vision: a great nation is one with a great appreciation in science. When prudently used, science is the ultimate answer to solving unruly social issues. Because of such benefits, more scientists should be originated.

Pushing traditional and conventional boundaries is necessary in our education and science programs.

It all comes down to:


Urging children in using Experiential Learning Method, such as mobile Planetarium which can move around schools and other learning institutions.


Making it easier for school-aged children in learning by utilizing a mobile Laboratory, which is the ‘Lab in A Box’.


Once decided one wants to be an innovator, we will assist in creating a business ecosystem and in developing science products.


Make use of science and technology for social problems.


  • Kartika Oktorina
    Kartika Oktorina Co-Founder
  • Firly Savitri
    Firly Savitri Co-Founder
  • Zulkifli Tegar
    Zulkifli Tegar Executive Director EDU Foundation
  • Puji Nurhayat
    Puji Nurhayat Research and Development
  • Firda Ayu Lestari
    Firda Ayu Lestari Secretary
  • Didik Maulana
    Didik Maulana Marketing and Business Development
  • Nopi Mutri Yudi
    Nopi Mutri Yudi IT Specialist
  • Novri Karateka Evendi
    Novri Karateka Evendi IT Specialist
  • Amanda Fauzia Pratiwi
    Amanda Fauzia Pratiwi Graphic Designer
  • Nur Revi Hildayanti
    Nur Revi Hildayanti Finance
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